Facebook Ads Training
How To Increase Leads & Sales Without A Large Budget + FREE Facebook Ads Book
Tuesday June 22nd 2022, 6pm - 7:30pm GMT
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Why Should You Join This Free Training?

Our clients made over £290,000 through Facebook Ads in 2020. By joining our free Facebook Ads training, we'll show you exactly how they did that, and how you can use the same techniques and processes in your businesses with your own Facebook Ads.

Some of our clients, and our Facebook Ads mentees, are making as much as 40 times ROAS (return on ad spend), and we'll show you the secret methods we use, and that we shared with them, so they could do that. We'll show you how we use our audience targeting methods that get real results, and give you the tools you need to do them for yourself.

You will come away from this free training knowing how to create audiences for your Facebook Ads that will work for you, how to write Facebook Ad copy that converts and how to avoid the mistakes most people make with their Facebook Ads, meaning they never make any real return on their ad spend.

What Will You Learn?

How to create targeted audiences that work

How to set up Facebook retargeting ads

How to write ad copy that gets results

How to avoid your Facebook Ads being disapproved

How to reduce the costs for your conversions (enquiries, leads and sales)

How to adapt for Facebook's iOS14 update and still make your ads work for you

Who Is This Training For?

You want to run your own Facebook Ads & get RESULTS!

You want to get more business

You've tried Facebook Ads before and haven't had much success

You've PAID someone else to run Facebook Ads for you and it hasn't worked

You want to learn to master Facebook Ads for YOURSELF


What Have People Like You Said About The Free Training?

Neil Cohen - The Underfloor Heating Store

 "I have checked the performance of the Facebook campaigns this morning and I am amazed at how quickly we have got results! To only have been running the campaigns for a week or so and to see ROI of 1600% is honestly incredible! I hope this is just the start of what already appears to be a very good investment"

Vicky Laffey - The Content Quarter

 "I did your Facebook ads training session the other day and I just wanted to say how great it was. You explained everything in such an easy to understand and down to earth way and I really felt that I gained a lot of knowledge from it to be able to help my small business launch products and services in 2021."

Judith Todd - homestyle4u

 "The Facebook Ads Training from Engage Web was a very useful introduction to this minefield of a topic. As someone who has dipped their toe in the water with a few boosted posts that didn’t lead anywhere it explained why and offered valuable advice on how to make Ads work."

Winnie Fannon - Wolfpack International Limited

 "I'm not a techy person and it was daunting for me to embark on FB Ads so I needed help. Darren and his team over at Engage Web have been very helpful and patient with me from Day 1, never failing to answer all my questions promptly. I love your service and your heart centered approach! Thank you Darren and Team Engage Web for your guidance and hand holding! If you're looking for FB Ads help, look no further, Engage Web is highly recommended!"

Jon Davies, Annmarie Lawler and Michael Roberts

After attending one of our training sessions, here's what three business owners had to say:

Tom Hennessy - TWH Carpet Cleaning

Tom Hennessy attended one of our in-person Facebook Ads Workshops after joining our Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy. Here's what Tom had to say.

Graham Dobbin - Asentiv New York

Here's what Asentiv New York's Graham Dobbin said about Engage Web, after being helped with Facebook Advertising for one of his NY-based clients.


Additional Bonus!

As an additional bonus, you will receive a FREE digital copy of our book '33 EXPERT tips to get better results with your Facebook Ads' at the end of the online training.

The book offers tips on all aspects of setting up and running your Facebook Ads, and is a must-have for anyone who wants to get better results while reducing their ad spend.

Whether you're a complete beginner, or someone who has been running Facebook Ads for many years, this book will save you money and increase your conversions.

About Your Host

Darren has been in the field of digital marketing since the late '90s, and has worked with brands such as Sony, the NHS, the Environment Agency and as the in-house web designer for GAME. After co-founding Engage Web in 2009, the company now handles the digital marketing campaigns for clients ranging from small, local businesses, to global brands across the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States. Through public speaking, coaching and mentoring he helps business owners regularly see returns on Facebook Ads of 20-30 times ad spend.
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